Review by Professor Alex Gardner, Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Scientist and Psychotherapist:

As a psychologist I use the statement "Shit Happens" as a way of understanding life. There are two responses to this: The first one is to get hooked into the Oh No! model. Here the person gets trapped in negativity and hopelessness, entering into a long-term cycle of despair. The other response is to say, "Well it happens - So What! Let's get on with life and move onto the forward-looking rhythm of hope."

In 'Shit Doesn't Happen' Baz Chalabi shows not only how much he has moved on but also offers clear help to others who are still trapped and feeling helpless in relation to their Shy Bowel. He takes an honest insider look at the problems of having this condition and describes his personal journey responding to Shy Bowel, in clear uncompromising language with no punches pulled. He shows how the condition may develop and how it may be treated. The book is full of direct anecdotes and liberally sprinkled with humour demonstrating the level of coping that Baz has developed in beating the problem. He offers advice on the control of anxious thoughts and direct strategies for dealing with the problems of Shy Bowel.

Shy Bowel Syndrome is life damaging and can seriously disrupt a sufferer's lifestyle - affecting work, social and personal life. It is a social anxiety condition which prevents the person from evacuating their bowel if there are other people around - however much the pressure is to do so.

'Shit Doesn't Happen - Lifting the Lid on Shy Bowel' is an essential read for anyone who suffers from this condition. It is also indispensable for anyone who is trying to understand a friend or partner who has this difficulty.


Feedback from Readers:

"I just wanted to thank you for writing the book 'Shit Doesn't Happen' and putting up that site. It helped me to think/talk more open about "toilet things" in general which also had a positive effect on my Paruresis.
Thank you for writing that great book! It really helped me! Go on like that!"

Robert, Germany

"I can't thank you enough for your book. It's quite emotional to read actually, but the feeling of support, of other people experiencing similar...thank you for bringing us together."

Deborah, London

About the author:

Baz Chalabi is himself a sufferer of Shy Bowel and Shy Bladder. He has done extensive work on himself in terms of both of his Shy Bowel and his Shy Bladder recovery. He understands from firsthand experience the obstacles that stand in the way of applying CBT to Shy Bowel.

He set up the Parcopresis Help Site in 2003. Since there was no specific name for the condition at that time - and with the help of both Steve Soifer and Professor Alex Gardner - he coined the terms 'Shy Bowel' and 'Parcopresis' to describe it. Baz Chalabi has made a number of appearances in the British media talking about both Shy Bowel and Shy Bladder, including appearing on national television and national radio. He is a trustee on the board of the UKPT (UK Paruresis Trust).

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